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Black Ops Tournament Official Rules

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Black Ops Tournament Official Rules

Post by xxScorpion64xx on Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:07 pm

Black Ops Tournament: Official Rules

Rules will be explained prior to the beginning of each match. If Equipment, Grenade Launchers and Flak Jacket are still used then 10 pts will be deducted of your overall Domination score for that one game.

Ex. Team Flight vs Team Seal 6
Final Result = Team Seal: 200 to Team Flight: 190

Team Seal 6 won the match by 10 pts, but used equipment so 10 pts will be deducted and therefore the result is a tie.

1) Gameplay
a) A weekly game will consist of 3 matches.

b) All 3 matches will be played out regardless of outcome (it's not best of 3).

c) 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, for a max of 9 points possible for a game.

d) Matches will be Domination, No equipment, No Grenade Launcher, No Flak Jacket

e) Home team chooses map (before the 1st game and cannot change after) and starting faction/position on the map for the 1st and 3rd matches. Visitor chooses starting faction/position for the 2nd match.

f) Zero tolerance for glitching or cheating. Entire team will be forced to forfeit the rest of the games, stiffer penalties for the offenders.

g) Private party: members will need to set their online status to "Appear Offline" to ensure that nobody else enters the match. Private rooms should be set up, hosted by a member of the home team with the setting "invite only" enabled.

i) Minimum of 2, maximum of 3 players per team are eligible to play each match.

j) Players cannot "drop in" a match or party once the match starts if they arrive late. They may, however, join a following match. If 1 player drops from a match for ANY reason, the remaining two will keep playing.

k) Game week begins on Tuesday at 5pm and ends the following Tuesday at 4:59pm. Teams have this time to schedule their games, play their games and report scores and stats. Failure to do this will result in 0 points for the week. Both team captains must report their scores/stats by Tuesday at 4:59pm.

2) Teams
a) Each official forum member will be Team Captain and will select two teamates of his choice not belonging to site

b) The captains will report team names, clan tag, logo, and home field, as well as stats, game results, and any complaints.

c) Max of 3 players per team.

d) In the case of one player on a team having to leave because of work, family, or hardware problems, the remaining 2 players may select from a list of alternates on a first come, first served basis. Players who are "no-shows" for their teams without a good explanation will be sanctioned by the leaders of jayemarcade.com.

3) Tournament

a) 5 teams

b) Each team will play 4 games, or each team once. Each team will have 2 home games and 2 away games.

c) Top 2 point getters, seeded by points will advance to the championship. This will be a single elimination game and the winner will be crowned the champ. The top point getter will have home field advantage.

d) Championship is best of 5 matches, first team to 3 wins. Top point getter is the home team (with home map) and chooses the starting position/faction, alternating them every match. In case of tie, play sudden death matches until there is a winner, alternating starting positions on the map. Sudden death will be played on a neutral map.

e) In case of a points tie for the championship spot, the team with the best point total against the other team or teams (fighting for the spot) will advance. In case of a tie in this scenario, the teams will have a playoff to see who advances
4) Stats
a) Each team captain will record stats after each match.
b) Reported stats are as follows...
1) Match score (for all three matches)
PM the stats to Flight or Scorpion

5) Conduct
Please adhere to the Jayemarcade COC. We are all adults, and this is a friendly competition. Rage-quitting, cheating, glitching and other misconduct will not be tolerated. If there are any problems, questions or complaints, they are to be directed to Flight or Scorpion

Team Captain will need to submit team name, home map, for those creative ones, you can create a Team logo

Once we have this info, we will set up a schedule

I will start a thread that includes my team name, logo if possible and our three gamertags, everyone else reply to that thread with your info, once we have that, we will post another thread with the matchups and schedule

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